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We find jobs for teachers who have Education degrees, and teaching certifications, looking for work overseas. The service we provide is completely free of charge.

Having taught overseas myself and experienced both the good and bad, I decided to help teachers by finding them good jobs with reputable schools. My difference is experience and I actually care about teachers.

Joel Kovshoff

Karine Hakobyan Barnett  Experienced International Teacher Looking for the Next GREAT Opportunity  Joel is hard working, passionate about recruitment and has a great character! He knows his market well and is really good at executing plans and seeing things through. Articulate and gentle in his approach.  Joel's knowledge of human character in general, as well as his experience as a teacher, makes him a great asset to work with. I feel lucky to know him. He will guide you through what can be a tough time in finding suitable jobs! Thank You, Joel!!  August 1, 2016, Karine was Joel's client
Justin Larkins  Senior Mathematics Teacher at British Columbia International School of Bangkok  Joel is in touch with numerous great schools. He is working hard to connect teachers to great schools. If you are looking for a teaching job Joel can find you a position that will allow you to thrive in this profession.  August 9, 2016, Justin worked directly with Joel at British Columbia Offshore Schools
Shaz Malik ESL/Business studies/Management Teacher-Hr/Administrator Joel is by far the most professional, enthusiastic and connected recruiter-match-maker within the Education industry. He successfully holds both the interest of the Organization and that of the candidate in his mind at all times.  The result is the right candidate for the right job. His networking/relationship management skills are second-to-none and he genuinely cares about his clients.  Joel sells HOPE, and he does is with a vibrant, positive attitude! I heartily recommend Joel as a recruiter as an advocate for a job seeker. You will find him unsurpassed in the Education industry.” August 2, 2016, Shaz was Joel's client
Johnson Han Attended The University of British Columbia  Working with Joel has been a great experience. I am very pleased with his level of professionalism, and his dedication and his follow ups.  August 3, 2016, Johnson was Joel's client